CLPP's Mission

CLPP's mission is to help formulate and advocate environmentally, socially, and scientifically sound policies to reduce emissions and protect communities around the world from the impacts of climate change.

CLPP operates like a think tank -- seeking practical and politically viable strategies -- while simultaneously advocating for strong responses to avert the increasingly urgent problem of climate change.


Key People

Donald Goldberg, CLPP's Executive Director, founded CLPP in 2007. Previously, he directed the climate program at the Center for International Environmental Law. He has participated in UN Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations, spoken about climate change at many conferences, workshops, and academic meetings, and co-authored climate change reports for the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the World Bank. In collaboration with Earthjustice, he filed a global-warming-based human rights case with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of the Inuit. Mr. Goldberg has taught international environmental law at the American University Washington College of Law and served as chair and vice chair of the ABA Committee on Sustainable Development, Ecosystems, and Climate Change from 1998-2006.

Dave Grossman, Senior Advisor to CLPP, is the principal and founder of Green Light Consulting, a consulting practice specializing in research, analysis, writing, and strategy on sustainability issues, with a particular focus on climate change and clean energy.